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Clearing Up Election Confusion Before Heading to the Polls

More than 15,000 votes have already been cast in city and school board elections. But it all comes down to Saturday - election day. And if you didn't vote early, knowing where to vote and what election to vote in could be confusing.

Early voting was nice because you could vote in any election at the polling location of your choice. It won't be as easy Saturday, but that shouldn't deter you from casting your ballot - especially when there are people to guide you every step of the way.

Some voters will cast ballots in only one election in one place. Some may vote in up to three elections and that may mean you have to go to three different places.

If your county commissioner is Bill McCay or Patti Jones and you live inside the city limits you must go to three different locations to vote in each of the following elections: city council elections, school board elections and one water board elections.

"If you don't know where your polling place is or you don't know if you have more than one polling place to go to, what different elections apply to you from your home precinct you need to call the office," said Lubbock County elections administrator Dorothy Kennedy.

Kennedy says they're ready to take your calls. "We've got a phone bank of 15 people plus staff ready to help answer your questions and get you directed to the different locations that you need to go to," she adds.

Kennedy does not want the confusion to discourage people from voting so she urges they call the office first.

"There are 13 elections going on (Saturday), and it depends on where you as to which elections apply to you so you're best bet if you don't know is call the office. We start arriving at 6:30am so call us and let's get you in line so when you leave at 6:30am and the polls open at 7am and you're ready to go," said Kennedy.

You'll need to take your voters registration card or your drivers license with you to the polling location or locations.

And remember you can call the office of elections starting at 6:30am for those locations. That number is 775-1339. The polls open at 7am and close at 7pm.

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