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Voter Turnout Appears Low on Election Day

More than 15,000 people cast their ballots in early voting but so far on Election Day, voter turnout has been low.

The votes cast in early voting were twice as many cast for the entire 2004 mayoral election. Voters have told us the mayoral race is prompting them to vote.

Today, we caught up with two of the mayoral candidates, one was working his day-job, and the other was campaigning for last minutes votes saying it's important to ask voters for their vote. Mayor Pro-Tem and mayoral candidate Tom Martin says, "There are still political candidates who will talk to someone for an hour and never say I would appreciate your vote and as simple as that sounds there are a lot of candidates who don't do that." Mayoral candidate Gilbert Montes says, "If they go out and vote and remember what I said during the campaign and like what I've said and believe in me, they'd go out and remember my name and vote. I would like it that way so they can freely vote and not be intimidated or told to do it." NewsChannel 11 spoke with mayoral candidate David Miller who is spending the day with his family and will have a statement for us after the polls close. Candidate Ysabel Luna couldn't be reached.

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