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HealthWise at 5 From 5.15

  • HIV Testing

Everyone from age 13 to 64 should undergo an HIV test. That's according to a new recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Under the guidelines, doctors and nurses who administer routine HIV tests would no longer be required to do the pre-test counseling that's required now. Instead, CDC officials say their goal is to make more people aware of their HIV status, not scare them away from testing. The problem? It's estimated as many as 250,000 Americans are HIV positive and do not even know it. The CDC is expected to make a formal recommendation sometime this summer.

  • Hand-Held X-Ray

You expect the dentist or hygienist to leave the room once they set you up for an x-ray, but a new device may change that routine. The eight-pound Nomad X-Ray machine from Aribex is a cordless, handheld device. Patients are set-up in the usual way, but instead of swinging a wall-mounted x-ray unit to the mouth, a tech snaps the x-ray while standing by the patient. The device exposes patients to less x-ray radiation than traditional machines. For more information on this new device, the maker has a web site. Just ( click here) to go there.

  • Baby Fat

Parents who expect their pre-teen to grow out of that baby fat might be setting themselves up for disappointment. A new study finds most children who were overweight or obese at age 11 or 12 were still overweight at age 16. African American girls and children from low socioeconomic groups were the most likely to be overweight. The study in the British Medical Journal says this shows that obesity can be a persistent problem from a very young age and then on through the teen years. So, they suggest that more needs to be done to prevent weight gain when children are still very young.

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