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Fire Investigators Not Focusing on Arson, Not Ruling it Out Either

Fire officials have much work to do, determining how a Lubbock preschool caught fire and burned to the ground.

Southwest Private School, located at 38th & Quaker, caught fire early Monday morning. It took firefighters eight hours to put out the blaze. But there was so much damage that fire investigators say it will take days, at least, to find a cause.

"We had so much destruction that it's going to be hard to narrow it down to a point. We're going to have it narrowed down to an area, and so interviews are really going to drive this investigation. We're going to need to talk to a lot of people about what they saw, and what they did, and what was there before and all those types of things so we are looking at just doing interviews," Garett Nelson with the Lubbock Fire Department said.

And although fire investigators are not calling the fire suspicious they cannot rule out the possibility of arson.

"Just like with any investigation it's a process of elimination, and we have to eliminate all of those potential causes. So as of now, all of those potential causes have not been eliminated yet so everything is under investigation," Nelson said.

This is the second daycare fire recently. Almost a year ago, Broad Horizon Daycare at 50th and Avenue T burned to the ground leaving 130 kids without a daycare. That fire was ruled arson.

Fire Destroys Lubbock Preschool
Eighty Lubbock children will not be attending Southwest Private School Tuesday morning. The school, located at 38th and Quaker, caught fire around 4am Monday morning and burned for eight hours.

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