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Lubbock Man's Online Conversations Lead to Conviction

Dateline NBC continued its special series "To Catch a Predator." In the report, 24 Florida men were arrested after chatting with someone who they thought were minors online. The men then agreed to come to the minor's home but were greeted by Dateline cameras instead. The decoys chatting with the men are members of Peverted-Justice. It's a web site used to expose sexual predators. And it's the same web site that led authorities to 24-year-old Paul Burton of Lubbock.

You can now find Paul Burton's picture on Perverted The chats he had with minors are also listed on that site.

Burton admitted to chatting online with more than 30-underage girls. He's since been charged and convicted. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel has been following this story since January and now, for the first time, we will show you some of the evidence that led to Burton's conviction. We warn you some of it is graphic in nature. In the chats, Burton thought he was talking with a 13-year-old girl who turned out to be a member of Perverted Justice.

Today, the Southeast home of 23-year-old Paul Mark Burton is empty. Neighbors say they can't believe he was living just feet away from their children. And inside typing chats like the ones that started with a Perverted Justice decoy last May.

Evidence proves early on, Burton thought the girl was just a teen. Here's some of the chat:

hum366: u don't mind im an old man
punkunpie91: i dunno how old r u
hum366: how old do i look in the pic
punkunpie91: 25 i guess im not good at guessing
hum366: no lol 23
punkunpie91: hey that's close
punkunpie91: how old do i look in muh pic?
hum366: ur age
punkunpie91: oh come on i guessed urs
hum366: but i definitellyyy wanna kiss you hehe
hum366: i know ur age its in the profile lol
hum366: 13

In the next few chats, Burton started telling the teen she had a beautiful voice, she was the prettiest girl and that she was fun to talk to. 15 days later, this is where the conversations led.

hum_366 (1:19:37 am): id kiss ur whole body if u let me
hum_366 (1:19:50 am): just hafta lift up the night shirt and start kissin

Burton later tries to get the girl's mother to leave the house so he can come over. From, there the chats became more sexual.

hum_366 (1:32:52 am): im comin to ur house so i can get u naked n kiss u lol
punkunpie_91 (1:33:16 am): haha
hum_366 (1:33:39 am): u definitely better be quiet once ur nude
punkunpie_91 (1:33:53 am): haha
punkunpie_91 (1:33:57 am): i dunno
hum_366 (1:34:16 am): hehe then ill get nude with you and lay down on you and keep rubbin you

Burton is scheduled to be sentenced next week in federal court. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a $350,000 fine. (Click here) to access Burton's Perverted Justice profile.

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