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Swearing in New Lubbock City Leaders

The ending moment was bittersweet for some. Former Mayor Marc McDougal, at one point, fought back tears while thanking all his supporters. Former councilman Tom Martin exited quitely, with no presence at the swearing in ceremony. As of Thursday, a new look for the Lubbock City Council.

In the middle of business, who says you can't have a little fun. "Raise your right hand...other right hand," said 72nd District Judge Ruben Reyes before he swore in Linda DeLeon.

New Mayor, David Miller, appeared to be light hearted about his new leadership role, "Thank you for all being here...what do I do now?"

Even through the laughter and jokes, saying goodbye was at one point tough for former McDougal. He has spent the last eight years on the council; four of those years as our Mayor.

"I do want to thank...." McDougal said fighting back tears.

But the show must go on. "I Linda DeLeon, do solemnly swear..."

You'll see new faces on the city council. "That I will faithfully execute the duties," said new District 5 Councilman John Leonard.

"The duties of the office of Mayor," swore David Miller.

Some familiar faces too. "For the city of Lubbock and the state of Texas and will do the best of my ability to preserve, protect and defend," said re-elected Councilman District Three Gary Boren.

"The constitution and all the laws in the United States and of this State..so help me God."

McDougal says he's not saying his political career is over. He says he may consider it again if the right opportunity opens. Martin has told us he doesn't see himself in politics in the near future, but he told me "never say never."

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