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Teacher You Can Count On: Sarah Harris

There is an ancient African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. One high school teacher is doing her part to show students they matter. NewsChannel 11's Suleika Acosta takes us to Estacado High School for this edition of Teacher You Can Count On.

Every day Sarah Harris greets her students with a hug. It's her way of showing them they matter. Ms. Harris is a junior Advanced Placement and regular English teacher but there's nothing regular about her relationship with students. "I believe in them, I believe they can do great things with their lives," says Ms. Harris.

For 23 years, she has taught at Estacado High School. For the past ten years she's even found time to coach the school academic decathlon team, taking them to state every year. "It's wonderful to take a kid who think they can't do something and show them they can," she says.

Ms. Harris teaches her students that obstacles are a part of life, showing them it's important to never give up. "If you want to be successful in life, you get knocked down 7 times but you get back up 8 times. Get up and dust yourself off and jump back in the game," she says.

"She's more like a mother, is there when you need her. You can talk to her about anything. She's just one of the best teachers we have her at Estacado," says Patricia. She's one of Ms. Harris's honors students. Patricia says Ms. Harris has taught her that learning is a life-long journey. "It kind of makes it easier because when you have a teacher who actually cares about you then learning becomes easier instead of just having a teacher who's just there to teach," she says.

It's her love for students that helps them get through the tough times and look ahead to the future. "I want them to live lives they can be proud of where they look at themselves in the mirror and have self respect," adds Ms. Harris.

Ms. Harris's decathlon team placed twelfth place among 4A schools at state competition back in February. By the way, all of Ms. Harris's 90 juniors passed the TAKS test.

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