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HealthWise at 5 From 5.19

  • Smoking Test

A new test is able to predict who will succeed in quitting smoking. That's according to the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine after testing the system on nearly 500 people. It's a blood test that measures how quickly nicotine is metabolized. The faster it goes through the system, the stronger the cravings. Researchers studied people using a nicotine patch because they were receiving a steady administration of the stimulant. They found based on nicotine metabolism they were able to predict who would have stronger cravings and would be most likely to smoke. Researchers hope to develop this test into a urine test or oral swab.

  • Male Contraceptive

For men, contemplating ways to prevent pregnancy, a vasectomy is an effective, but often permanent solution. Now, a new method could offer men a reversible approach. The technique is known as "RISUG," short for reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance. It involves injecting a gel into the vas deferens. As sperm pass by,they are disabled and unable to fertilize an egg. The treatment an be reversed with another injection that dissolves the egg and restores fertility. A phase three clinical study is now under way in India.

  • Mumps Update

Now, time for an update on the mumps. We're lucky in Texas still no cases here. But experts at the CDC say nearly twenty-six hundred people have been diagnosed with mumps this year primarily in eleven states. With more than half the cases in Iowa. Your best advice, make sure your children are immunized. Because how many doses of mumps vaccine a person has may influence their risk of coming down with the illness. Today, two doses are recommended. However, many college age kids have had only one dose. The CDC says that age group is likely to blame for this outbreak.

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