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CPS Calls it a Growing Problem; Desperate Need For Foster Families

"This is really a community problem and it's a problem that requires a community solution," said Department of Family Protective Services Spokesperson Greg Cunningham. He's hoping everyone will open their hearts and their homes.  That's because Child Protective Services calls it a growing problem across the South Plains; they say they are in "desperate need" of foster families.  

More than a thousand foster parents, children and childcare professional gathered at Kastman Park today for Foster Fest. The event thanks current foster families while calling attention to need for more families. Every month 130 children from Lubbock and Amarillo are removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, but the South Plains is so short on foster families right now, that many kids are forced to live out of the county, causing family members to travel up to three hours to visit them.  

"We'd much rather be able to put them close to their home, close to their families and what they've known all of their lives. It makes a tough situation a lot easier for them," said Cunningham. 

Foster Parent Pamela Counterman says, "we need foster parents, we need them to show love, compassion and the way to live."

If you're interested in becoming a foster family, call 797-2247 or 1-800-571-2651. You don't have to be experienced.

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