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HealthWise at 5 From 5.22

  • Blood Pressure Customs

You know the drill: you head to the exam room, sit on the table and get your blood pressure taken. Only problem is just sitting on that exam table might end up boosting your blood pressure reading. Nurses at the University of Virginia health system studied blood pressure readings and how they were taken. Patients sittings in a regular chair for at least five minutes before the b.p. check had the most accurate readings. But it was a different story for patients on exam tables whose readings were as much as 14 points higher than when seated in a chair.

  • Airbag Lung

The rapid deployment of an airbag can save lives but also release a fine haze of chemicals. A new report in the journal Injury Extra says this haze may pose a health risk. Doctors have identified "airbag lung" as a potential diagnosis for patients with chronic breathing problems that crop up after exposure to an airbag. In the report, a patient with shortness of breath and coughing had no risk factors other than having been exposed to a deployed airbag from an earlier accident.

  • Sneaker Wizard

You don't need to be a brainiac to run, but you might need a brainy online program to help find shoes to protect your feet. The American Running Association and the American Medical Athletic Association have an interactive shoe selection guide to help. Before you run, sit down and head to this runners web site called the "wiz" that will answer questions about body type, foot shape and how your foot strikes the ground. At the end, you'll get a list of shoes that fit your biochanics. That web site is Therunners

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