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Dixie Chicks Newest Controversial CD Released Tuesday

The song "Lubbock or Leave it" is fast paced and upbeat. Some listeners may not like what the lyrics say,  while others won't get the chance to even hear it.  Most Lubbock country stations are still not playing their music.

"Dust bowl bible belt, got more churches than trees.  Raise me praise, me couldn't save me couldn't keep me on my knees.  Oh boy rave on down Loop 289..."

"Lubbock Or Leave It" Lyrics
The new Dixie Chicks album comes out Tuesday. One song, "Lubbock or Leave It.", takes a jab at the Hub City. Read the lyrics and listen to it here.

Country Radio station 99.5 The Bear is the only station playing the song in Lubbock. 

Radio personalities, Jane Prince-Jones and Rick Gilbert say for the most part, people want to hear it so they are playing it.   "We don't like to sensor things around here and there has been a lot of publicity with this song.  Everybody heard the lyrics read the lyrics, now let's hear what the song sounds like," said Rick.

"We got a caller this morning who asked us when are you going to play the new chicks song? The curiosity factor is there.  People finally want to know what does it sound like," said Jane.

Music stores are expecting a crowd of people looking to buy the new Chick's CD.  Hastings Stores ordered nearly 1,000 copies. They say that is more than usual for a new CD release.

"So many calls and with the controversy and Lubbock ties, that's probably why we have so many copies coming in.  We're ready to get them out there," said Dominique Ramirez, Hastings Music Associate.

KLLL and 105.7, The Rebel say they will not be playing the Dixie Chicks.  They say it's simply because their listeners do not want to hear it. 

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