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Memorial Day 2006

A Grocery Store Veteran

You may have seen his face on United Supermarket commercials.  He is Dan Sanders, Chief Executive Officer for United.  Years before the grocery store business, Sanders wore air suits and flew spy planes above 70,000 feet in the air for the United States Air Force.

"The first Gulf War, I flew the first U2 over to Iraq and landed in Saudi Arabia in August 1990. Just a few hours after the invasion in Kuwait, I spent from August until June of 1991, deployed flying missions over Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi."

Sanders climbed ranks in his 15 years of service and retired in 1993 as Major Sanders.  He has since hung up his flight suit and helmet.  Now, his office at home is decorated with memorabilia, including pieces from President George Bush, Sr. 

From 1991 to 1992 Sanders was assigned as a liaison for Air Force One,  making sure the air and ground was safe for the President's arrival.

"It's been a full career. One that I look back on with great memories. I've met some incredible people who serve our country day in and day out," said Sanders.

Because of all those people he has met, Sanders has a compassionate heart in regards to Memorial Day.  He says it is important to take a moment to honor those who have given their life for our freedom.   "I shed tears because we're still at war and we still have people paying that ultimate price," said Sanders.

A United Tribute- Memorial Day 2006
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