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Lubbock Woman Sues Over Winning Lottery Ticket

Six lucky numbers are dividing a group of seven South Plains women. That's because the seventh woman says she deserves a share of a $36 million Lotto Texas jackpot.

Earlier this month, we told you that the winning ticket was sold at 7-11 at 98th and Indiana. At that time, we knew a group of people had bought the ticket. But now, that jackpot is on hold.

The jackpot is on hold because of a lawsuit that was filed in Travis County. And the dispute surrounds your typical office pool. It's where a group of people put their money together to buy something like lottery tickets. And then if they're lucky and win, those who paid up, get paid.

It's that kind of situation that has these seven women named in this lawsuit: Defendants Cindy Skidmore, Donna Walker, Estella Barron, Brenda Mitchell, Gina Schultz, and Sharla Pierce. And Plantiff, Betty Domingo.

In the petition, Domingo claims that Mitchell invited her to join the lotto pool. Mitchell apparently agreed to pay for Domingo's ticket as long as she would pay her back. But after the winning numbers were announced, the petition says, Mitchell changed her mind and told Domingo that she didn't buy any lottery tickets for her. Mitchell said she didn't have enough money after buying her own tickets and something to eat.

Domingo is suing for her share of the jackpot; which she says is more than $2.9 million.

Court documents claim Domingo, Mitchell and others have participated in "lottery pools" many times since about March of 2004. And during that time Mitchell would sometimes pay for Domingo's tickets and Domingo would pay her back. That was supposed to happen with the April 26th drawing, but instead Domingo was excluded.

It's going to be a while before any of the women see any portion of the jackpot. A Travis County judge has issued a restraining order preventing the Texas Lottery Commission from distributing the jackpot until the dispute is resolved.

We'll hear more on this is the coming days. The next hearing in this case is set for May 31st in Travis County's 200th District Court.

Wednesday's Lotto Texas Jackpot is $10 million.

Lubbock Convenience Store Sells Winning $36 Million Lotto Ticket
A 36 million dollar jackpot is still unclaimed and the winning ticket was purchased here in Lubbock. It was sold at the 7-11 at 98th and Indiana. As NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire tells us, the convenience store is buzzing about who is millions richer.

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