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Lubbock Woman Sues for piece of $36 Million Dollar Lotto Ticket

A winning Lotto ticket is at the center of a dispute among a group of Lubbock area women. NewsChannel 11's Suleika Acosta shares the latest on this developing story.

A Lottery ticket worth $36 million was sold earlier this month at the 7-11 at 98th and Indiana to a group of South Plains women. But, the jackpot is now on hold because of a lawsuit filed in Travis County, home of the Texas Lottery Commission.

The suit claims the defendants; Cindy Skidmore, Estella Barron, Brenda Mitchell, Gina Schulz and Sharla Pierce, agreed to be part of an office pool that included Betty Domingo.

Domingo claims Mitchell invited her to join the Lotto pool and Mitchell allegedly agreed to pay for Domingo's ticket as long as she paid her back. But after the winning numbers were announced, the petition says Mitchell changed her mind and told Domingo that she did not buy her ticket. Mitchell said she did not have enough money after buying her own tickets and something to eat.

Domingo is suing for her share of the jackpot which she says is more than $2.9 million . The group of women will go before a Travis County judge on May 31st. In the meantime, the judge has issued a restraining order preventing lottery commission from distributing the jackpot until the case is resolved.

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