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Lubbock Radio and Dixie Chicks Make National Headlines

The Dixie Chicks are making headlines nationwide with the new release of their album , "Taking the Long Way." With songs like "Not Ready to Make Nice" and "Lubbock or Leave It" the Chicks are making their views known through their lyrics. Message Boards
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It's been three years since the trio's lead singer Natalie Maines said she was ashamed President Bush was from Texas but that comment is still keeping their music off air here in her hometown of Lubbock.

On Tuesday night, Paul Beane,  General Manager for KRBL, the Rebel, explained why the Chicks are not on his station's play list during an MSNBC talk show. On the show Beane said, "I can only speak for our listeners. I can simply say that a local TV station ran a survey and 86% of the people indicated they did not want to hear the Dixie Chicks or buy their new album."

Since the Dixie Chick's album was released, Hastings stores here in Lubbock have sold more than 250 copies combined. A manager at the 50th street location calls that a good response from fans.

'Lubbock Or Leave It' Lyrics
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