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The Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles: Does It Work? Part 2

In our first report, we showed you how the Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles worked. You hang it in your shower and press the button after you are through bathing. It shoots a stream of solution all over the walls, but we showed you that it does not cover the shower from top to bottom.

Now it is time to report how well it performed.  

"I've conducted this test for three weeks. This is what I noticed. The tile is still discolored on the bottom. The top part of the shower is still white.  I did not see any improvement from three weeks ago.  Also,  the soap scum and hard water stains did not disappear from my shower door like the makers promised."

I looked up reviews for the Scrubbing Bubbles and this is what I found. One lady said "I found it worked well, but it didn't get all the soap scum off the first time. I had to scrub the soap scum off."

Another person wrote, the unit does clean however I cannot afford to buy one every 6 months. We have had 2 in less than a year. The first one just stopped working and the second one sprays automatically about every hour."

So Does It Work?  It worked alright, but I question if it is worth $25.

The Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles: Does It Work? Part 1
We work harder so you don't have to. That's the claim of the Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles. NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy tested it and tells us all about the product.

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