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Interstim Therapy

Incontinenance is a bladder control problem that affects millions of people of all ages. Now, there is a new option that allows men and women to control the problem as needed. It's interstim therapy.

Much like a pacemaker, this device is implanted just under the skin of the lower back. It provides electrical stimulation of the sacral nerves located near the tail bone which control bladder function.

"Typically the best patients for this are the people who suffer from urgency and frequency of urination and what we call urgent contents, where they 'got to go, got to go,' and usually this thing can work sixty to seventy percent of the time," said Dr. Scott Spore a Urologist.  

It is an FDA approved outpatient procedure and patients see results almost immediately. There are several Urologists in Lubbock providing this new option to patients who don't respond to drug treatment. So, if you would like to know more, ask your doctor about interstim therapy.

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