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Teacher You Can Count On: Sue Hall

Summer may have already kicked off for students but we have one more teacher you can count on to tell you about. And it was one summer in this teacher's childhood that sparked a life-long love she passes on to her students every year. NewsChannel 11's Suleika Acosta brings us this final edition of Teacher You Can Count On.

Sue Hall loves a good book. But even more than that, she loves teaching her fifth grade Waters Elementary students about the importance of reading and the life long benefits that follow. "Instill in them a love of books and reading. It will take them many places if they can do that," says Mrs. Hall.

It was one lazy summer just before her sixth grade year, that Mrs. Hall discovered her own passion for books. "Actually it started maybe being bored one summer and not having a lot to do and then it just grew from there. I read a lot that summer," she says.

An increase in vocabulary is just one reason Mrs. Hall encourages her students to read as much as they can. "To go on and read another book and another book that would be one of my goals,"she says.

"We've read Where The Red Fern Grows and some stories out of our reading book," says Logan. He's on of the many students that say Mrs. Hall provides just enough reading time in the classroom. "I just to just let my imagination do what it wants to do and just read and think about what it's like. Reading is fun," he adds.

Long after her students have closed their books, Mrs. Hall says she is still enjoying the stories and the memories they bring to her classroom every year. "Just enjoying the children and what they bring and their individual needs. The ones that leave and then come back it just touches your heart," she says.

Many of Mrs. Hall's students may remember her as Mrs.. Malaise but she re-married a few years ago. She encourages everyone to pick up a book this summer and do some reading.

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