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Child Found Alone At Lubbock Playground

A group of local daycare workers breathe a sigh of relief Friday after a little girl they were supposed to be watching turned up alone at a Lubbock playground Friday morning.  It happened around 10:30 a.m. at Legacy Play Village in West Lubbock.  Teachers from Kid Central Daycare took a group of children to play there.  When they returned to the facility, a phone call from Lubbock Police revealed they had somehow left one child behind.

The child's mother actually works at Kid Central Daycare.  Andrea Grinnell tells News Channel 11 she has no ill will towards Kid Central, and that she is grateful for the mother who took care of her little girl, Mercedes. Legacy Play Village is pretty big, but even Kid Central Director Wendy Edwards says there's no excuse for leaving a young one behind.

"When you get told that she is there and you know that the other kids are back here you're completely devastated," Edwards said.  Edwards says that typically, 4-year-old Mercedes doesn't go on field trips, but on Friday, she did.  Mercedes' mother Andrea was not on the trip. 

Edwards explains that Mercedes likes to hide, and when they didn't see her after the children returned from the field trip, that's what they thought she was doing.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. "We see this little, small child that is walking around and she is unattended," Leah White said. 

White noticed little Mercedes, and after asking other parents, White realized Mercedes was alone.  "It's completely scary, being a mother, I have a two and a half year old; she didn't even know her last name," White said.  White contacted Lubbock Police.  The officer called around, and found out Mercedes was supposed to be at Kid Central.

"The real hero out here is the police officer.  He came out and acted on it, and found out where this child came from.  Where she belonged," White said.  "I was thankful that she was with her and nothing happened to her.  I know it will never happen again.  Now we'll take double precaution to make sure everything is double checked," Edwards said.

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