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Power Outage Causes Evacuation of Tinseltown Theater

A power outage forced the evacuation of Tinseltown at 82nd and University. The lights went out just after 8pm and it took more than two hours to get it back up.

People went back into the theater just before 10pm. They had been waiting for about two hours after the lights went out.

"We were inside watching the commercials and the back up lights came on. Someone with Tinseltown came in and told us they had a power outage and about five minutes later, everything went pitch black," said one movie goer.

"It just blacked out and we went into the hall and everyone was screaming," said another.

An electrician who was working at the scene says the blackout had something to do with an air conditioning unit, that was confirmed by a theater manager.

If you were one of the patrons who left Friday night because of the blackout you can use you ticket stub for a cash refund or to see another movie.

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