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2006 CMN Miracle Child

Children's Miracle Network: The Tatum Duncan Story

The 23rd annual Children's Miracle Network celebration is this weekend. So this week we're bringing you the stories of kids who have benefited from CMN the UMC Children's Hospital. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire introduces us to 2-year-old Tatum Duncan, who suffered septic arthritis in her knee. The outcome could have been much worse.

Today Tatum Duncan is a normal and very active 2-year-old. Her mother, Holly Duncan says, "She's just a normal little girl. She has her little owie on her knee she'll point out to you. Can you show them your owie?"

The story behind Tatum's scar on her knee begins in October 2005. "She'd been kind of sick for a week, just not feeling good and I thought it was just a little virus or something," remembers Holly. "Then when I bathed her Sunday night I noticed her knee was real red and swollen."

Tatum's parents Holly and Lance Duncan thought the injury was caused by playing too rough with her brothers. So they took her to the doctor, but then, Tatum was rushed to UMC's Children's Hospital where she was diagnosed with septic arthritis in the knee, which basically means that's where bacteria settled and began to spread, an infection which could've turned deadly.

UMC Pedi Surgeon and UMC Medical Director Dr. Chris Blewitt says, "In a growing child if you have damage to those areas, you may have problems with long term functioning to the joint, and with growth of the joint."

Tatum stayed at UMC for six days, where she underwent two surgeries. Dr. Blewitt gave her a broviac IV which can be inserted into the neck, allowing Tatum to receive antibiotic treatment at home for the next three weeks.

Lance says they never realized the impact Children's Miracle Network and UMC could have on their family. "We used to listen to the CMN radiothon and listen to the stories and say that's sad. You just move on and we're just going on about our daily life and the next thing you know, it's you. Because of the generosity of the people before, there was a playground (at UMC), there was the equipment."

Now, Tatum has her entire life as a healthy girl in front of her. Lance says, "They say you can always find something good in something bad and what did come out of this is the level of care and the people there, for something negative like this, it was a positive experience."

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