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2006 CMN Miracle Children

Children's Miracle Network: The Alford Twins

The Alford family thanks Children's Miracle Network donations for saving their baby's life. Because of early detection equipment, an ultra sound showed a problem with one of their unborn twins.  The family says without the donations to CMN, their baby girl, Presley, would not be here today. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel has their miracle story.

The twins mom Teresa remembers the twins at birth, "Jax was 3 pound 8 ounces. Presley was 2 pounds 12 ounces."  Jax and Presley are two of the youngest miracle kids. Twins, just ten-weeks-old. Their story of survival starts with their mother Teresa, when she was 29 weeks pregnant. "They did an ultrasound and moved us into Maternal Fetal ICU. We were very scared. We thought I was going to deliver the next day, at just 29 weeks."  A full term pregnancy lasts between 38-and-40 weeks. But with two months left to go, the Alford's were told their ultra sound showed a problem with one of their babies.

Doctor Perez remembers, "Apparently one of the twins was not growing appropriately and the other one was a lot bigger."  The twin in trouble was the baby girl. Presley. 

Cody Alford, the twins dad says, "She had endestalic flow in her umbilical cord and a problem with the blood flow."  Teresa was checked into University Medical Center immediately. Three weeks later, an emergency delivery. 

Upon birth, Jax weighed three pounds and eight ounces. Presley was two pounds, 12 ounces. Both babies were admitted into UMC's NICU, where they spent the first month of their lives. Doctors and nurses monitored the babies with special equipment.  Which Dr. Perez says, "The best equipment we have has been purchased with CMN and that includes ventilators with low weight incubators, that give a stable environment.  It's expensive and we are very grateful to have the technology."  

Now, at ten-weeks-old, Presley weighs six pounds 14 ounces, her brother Jax, is a whopping nine pounds! Both on monitors, but both healthy with very happy parents.  Cody says, "10 years ago, we probably would only have one baby. Only Jax would have been born."

The Alford's say the early detection gave them a month to prepare for whatever news may come. It also gave their families time to get these new parents ready for not one, but two preemie babies.  "Twin patrol. Everybody that comes over to help us out calls it 'Twin Patrol'. I wonder who's coming over to help us tonight (laughs)."

The Alford's thanks overflows to those who have donated to Children's Miracle Network, which made it possible to purchase the detection equipment that allowed them to keep both their babies.  "If people go in and see all that happening and money is well spent and well worth it." "It definitely saved our babies lives."

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