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Food for Thought Report 6.1

It's an appetizer sized Food for Thought. We have no low performers, and only one top performer. Plus, health inspectors are getting ready for a busy summer.

Now that school is out, a lot of kids will be busy splashing around at city pools to beat the summer heat. But just like when in school, health inspectors are checking out what they eat during the day.

But first, a look at our only top performer.

This repeat top performer has moved. While at 1823 Buddy Holly, Treb's Grill racked up two perfect scores. And with zero critical violations this inspection, it looks like perfection followed them to their new location at 1620 AvenueQ as well.

Now on to some summer fun.

If your family plans to cool off at any of the 300 city pools during the hot temperatures, health inspectors say have confidence in grabbing a snack at any of their concession stands.

"There are some con session stands at the pools in town that are open during the summer that we do inspect," said Bridget Faulkenberry, City Environmental Health Manager.

She added the concessions are pretty limited to foods like hamburgers and hot dogs, but they are inspected just like a restaurant or any other food establishment.

"We still look for the same hand hygiene, general employee hygiene and correct food temperatures," Faulkenberry said. "(They are) major risk factors for contaminating food or allowing bacteria to grow in food. I'm sure everyone mother's has told them to wash their hands before they eat -that's the major way bacteria is transmitted to the food you eat is through your hands. So hand hygiene is extremely important for that reason."

And before those students were dismissed for summer break health inspectors were checking-out their school cafeterias. Here's this semester's final report card.

  • Food contact surfaces were found soiled at Wheelock Elementary School at 3008 40th Street. Other violations include improper thawing and a leak in a three compartment sink.
  • Maedgen Elementary School at 4401 Nashville Avenue had the same critical violation. Food containers there were soiled.
  • A broken knife was found in the cafeteria of Murfee Elementary School at 6901 Nashville Avenue.

Now on to the good news: We wrap up the school year with a sweet topping. Here's a look at seven schools who finished off the semester at the head of the class:

  • Atkins Junior High School
  • Eagle Academy
  • Evans Junior High School
  • Haynes Elementary School
  • Monterey High School
  • Smith Elementary School
  • South Plains Academy

Food for Thought 6.1
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