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Amber Alert Cancelled: Kidnapped Baby Found Unharmed

The Amber Alert is officially over and 5-day-old Priscilla Maldonado is back safe with her family. The alert was cancelled just after 8pm Monday night.

"We're really excited, we're glad we got her back. We're glad she's okay and no one hurt her or did nothing to her," said Priscilla's father, Jesse Maldonado.

"We finally got that phone call saying she had been found, we're overwhelmed and excited, we couldn't believe it. I really thought I would never see my baby again, but with the help of the media, it got out and the tip came in," added Priscilla's mother, Erica Ysasago.

Priscilla is being treated at University Medical Center Monday night, but we're told she is in good condition. The baby was found here at the Savoy Condominiums in the 300 block of Detroit. Police tell us the baby was inside a car seat under a carport but not inside a car. One resident said the baby was not there when she left at 6:30pm, but says the police were there when she returned at 7:45pm.

"There was an ems truck parked and a detective standing there motioning for us not to park there at the end of the building so we parked where he motioned us to park and then when we got out and I was looking back and another ambulance came through, turned and saw a baby crib or carriage or a car seat, and they put that into the ambulance," said Savoy resident, Maleia Uline.

One suspect is in custody. Her name is Stephanie Lynn Anderson Jones. She is thirty-three years old. Jones is accused of posing as a nurse at University Medical Center when the baby was born last Wednesday and then kidnapping her from a central Lubbock home on Sunday.

We're told she does look similar to an artist rendering of the suspect drawn just hours before her arrest. She's being held on kidnapping charges.

"We couldn't have done it without everyone coming together local FBI, national FBI, amber alert program is so successful, tips from all over the that helped us break this case came from Amarillo," said LPD spokesman, Lt. Roy Bassett.

Apparently that call from Amarillo came in to Lubbock Police Thursday afternoon. Police questioned a man who said his wife had just had a baby but he didn't know many details about the birth. The woman was supposed to come in and prove the baby was hers but never showed up. We still don't know what exactly led police to the Savoy Condominiums but we're told it was some type of tip.

Once again, the Amber Alert for Priscilla was first issued Sunday afternoon when the woman who had posed as a UMC nurse kidnapped the baby from a central Lubbock home. We've also learned this isn't the first time tragedy has hit this family. While Erica Ysasago was pregnant with Priscilla, her two month old baby, Faith, died of a staph infection.

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