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Baby Priscilla's Family Getting Back to Normal

It's been a very trying first six days of life for baby Priscilla Maldonado, but she's safe and with her parents, and as NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire tells us, the family is now trying to get back to normal.

It's been just over 48 hours since Priscilla was kidnapped from her own home, but soon, she'll be back with her family. Her parents are spending time with their baby Tuesday and requested no interviews, but we caught up with them last night and this morning and say they're so thankful to have her back.

From DayBreak Today's end on Monday, the nation watched the story of baby Priscilla Maldonado unfold. An Amber Alert was issued on Sunday shortly after Priscilla was kidnapped from her own home, she was just four days old at the time. All her parents Erica Ysasaga and Jesse Maldonado could do was wait. Tuesday morning, those following the story could breathe a sigh of relief along with Priscilla's parents; Priscilla was safe.

Monday night, Erica learned through a phone call that her daughter was found unharmed in the parking lot of Savoy Condominiums. Shortly after the family rejoiced at UMC, where Priscilla was taken to be checked out.

"My heart wanted to jump out of my heart-- outta my chest because I couldn't believe it. I was going to see my baby again," says Erica.

Priscilla's father, Jesse Maldonado says, "glad nothing is wrong with her and they didn't do nothing to her."

This story made headlines into Tuesday morning, and now Priscilla's parents want to thank everyone who watched and especially those who called in with tips.  

"I'm relieved," says Erica, "I'm glad the stress is over and the anxiety and everything because I thought I was never going to see my baby ever again, because the minutes were going by and I didn't know nothing, no leads, anything. And when I finally got that phone call, I couldn't believe it. Now I know I'm not going to be able to trust nobody." 

Priscilla is still at UMC being monitored for her jaundice, but we're told she is doing just fine.

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