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Judge Accepts Plea Deal In Garcia Murder Case

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Some closure Wednesday for a Lubbock family who's mother was murdered almost two years ago.  Raymon Jackson pleaded guilty to the murder of Patricia Garcia Wednesday in court.  It's a capital murder charge, that could have led to the death penalty, but prosecutors agreed to "Capital Life" in prison, and a judge accepted that punishment.  

Investigators say Jackson was robbing a convenience store when he shot Garcia.  Police say that Jackson, along with two other teens, came to the 7-11 on 19th and Iola to rob it.  Garcia was working that night, and investigators say Jackson fired the shot that killed her.  On Wednesday, family members tell NewsChannel 11 they've relied on faith for strength and forgiveness.  "So, I pray that yes, he does develop a relationship with God, because at this point there is really not much else he can turn to," said Garcia's son Jose Watson.  Watson says his relationship with God is stronger now than ever before.  He says that God helped him to accept what has happened and to forgive.  "During this whole process, I grew as a Christian." 

Family members say Wednesday's guilty plea is another step in the healing process.  "It's a start," said Garcia's son-in-law Johnny Minor.  "I wouldn't say closure.  I would say a door is closed, and it's move on to the next thing.  It's not really closure," said Garcia's daughter Dalanda Minor.

"She was my best friend, and not a day goes by... this is the start of recovery," said Garcia's sister Brenda Poole.  "We do think that justice was done.  Our intention, we told the family from the very first time that we met them, was that he (Jackson) never walks out of the penitentiary, ever," said Lubbock Criminal District Attorney Matthew Powell.

Garcia's family says they'll remember her with photos and treasured stories.  "I remember telling her, I think it was the Christmas before she passed away, one of my friends was also a single mother.   She didn't have money to buy her kids anything, and so my mom went out and bought these two girls, each Christmas gifts; you know that's the type of person she was," Dalanda Minor said.  Even with their loss, the family says it's not their place to judge, and that everyone can learn from their experience.  "You don't know what happened in his (Jackson's) life that made him take this turn, and I just hope and pray that our lives will show others there is always a better way to go," Poole said. 

Two other teens are connected to this crime.  One, a 12-year-old at the time of the murder, will not face any charges.  The Lubbock District Attorney's Office dismissed the case against the minor; testimony concluded that he was forced to commit the crime, against his will.  The other, Victoria Harris, investigators say drove a get-away car.  Right now, she is awaiting a trial date.  As for Jackson, a "Capital Life" sentence amounts to 60-years in prison, with parole eligibility after 40-years.

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