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Volunteers Say They're Ready To Search City Landfill

A search of the Lubbock City Landfill would take a lot of time, and a lot of man power.  It would also be an expensive process.  Volunteer members of United Response Search and Rescue out of Dallas say they are ready to help.  The group has done a lot of research into how a landfill search would work.  Director and Co-Founder Dana Ames says she doesn't know if local law enforcement will for sure search the Lubbock landfill, but she says volunteers are ready.  

"A landfill search is a very difficult, tedious, time consuming, expensive process.  It's one that you don't enter into lightly.  It is extremely dangerous for all individuals who would participate in that," said Ames.  Ames says searchers would need to wear protective garments that can cost a lot of money.  The search group is looking into possible fund raisers, or people who could donate that gear. 

While the search centers around Joanna Rogers, Ames says their search group always looks for Jennifer Wilkerson as well.  The Lubbock woman disappeared on July 13th of 2004.  Ames says when ever they are on a search, or receive a tip, the group treats that information as if it could be used to find both missing girls.  Ames says the Wilkerson family's hearts goes out to the Rogers family.  "They have mixed emotions as well.  Their hearts are absolutely broken for the Rogers.  In a way they feel a sense of resolve as well for them, but then that also comes back and instills that further fear that they face every day knowing this could be the same fate for their child," said Ames. 

If you have any information on either of these cases that would be helpful to police, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

It's been almost a year since investigators searched the city landfill following the discovery of Summer Baldwin's body. John Cobb at the Lubbock City Landfill tells NewsChannel 11 that after Baldwin was discovered, crews decided to stop dumping in that area.  Cobb says it wasn't a legal request; he says they did it because they thought they should.

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