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TEA Suspicious of TAKS Testing at Area Schools

The State of Texas is flagging two area school districts for "testing irregularities" on the TAKS test. The letter by the Texas Education Administration is dated May 31st. Frenship says they received it three days ago. The letter warns the district about the TEA's suspicions of cheating on the TAKS test.

In the school year of 2004-2005, Muleshoe High School was sited for "very similar" test responses.   The TEA says this could mean that two or more students did not answer the questions on their own.

Another possible incident may have happened at Frenship's Casey Elementary. The TEA found an "extreme number of erasures" on the math and reading portion of the TAKS test. 

However, the school district says that does not necessarily mean its an accusation of cheating. Frenship says they have investigated this matter. "We know this is something their looking at as we're doing test security training next year.  We have plans to be more cautious in terms of training.  Nothing was violated because kids have always been allowed to erase and change their answers," says Linsae Snider, Public Information Officer for Frenship School District.

NewsChannel 11 was unable to reach the Muleshoe district for comment.

The TAKS tests is a measurement of how well your kids are learning in the classroom. TAKS was implemented in the Spring of 2003 for third graders to high school students.

(Click here) to link to the actual Caveon report. There are three parts: the report, appendices and a response.

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