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Lubbock Is Now Home to Six New Millionaires

Lubbock is now home to six new millionaires.  They're dreaming big after winning a $36-million Texas Lotto Jackpot.  The group of six women drew the winning numbers in April, but the prize was delayed until Friday.  An injunction preventing the Lottery from releasing their money was lifted Thursday.  As you can imagine, some of the winners have big plans for their prize.  The winners say when they first found out the tickets they bought at the 7-11 on 98th and Indiana were winners, they couldn't believe it.  Friday afternoon, when the checks hit their hands, they knew it was for real.

On the evening of April 29th, the group found out they were winners. 

"I called Charlotte at 4:00 a.m., and she answered right away, and I said I knew you wouldn't be asleep," said one winner.  

The women called each other, some in disbelief, others wondering. 

"Estella wanted to know, what did we win," said another winner.  

The six women matched all the numbers, winning $36-million dollars, and their lucky digits came in a dream.  

"I was like, okay Cindy, go back to sleep, but they just kept, knock, knock.  I got up and had to write them down, and so I have been playing my one little set of numbers," said Cindy.

Group members chose the cash payout.  That gives them approximately $20.9-million to split.  Of course the next question, what are they going to do with all of that money?  

"I'm a single mom, and I was working two jobs and 70 hours a week at the time we found out we had won.  The very next day I quite my second job, and we're going to build a bigger house because we've shared a toilet for 12-years, so it's time," said one winner.  

"I really need new clothes," said a second winner.  

"I have a husband, three children, eight grandchildren, and we're all going to have a better life," a third winner added. 

Another winner has a more emotional mission. 

"My brother passed away in December, and I'm going to Maui to scatter his ashes," said another winner.

And one, dreams of being a big winner again! 

"I'm going to Vegas so I can pull those slots."

We're told that Lottery officials are planning a trip to Lubbock, where they'll present a ceremonial check to the 7-11.  The 7-11 will also receive 1-percent of the jackpot.  Again, the women found out they had won back in April.  It's taken until now for the winners to claim their prize because a seventh woman, Betty Domingo, is suing the group.  Domingo claims she was invited to join the pool, but one of the defendants, Brenda Mitchell, says Domingo never paid for any tickets.  A court date has been set for August 3rd to figure out the matter.

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