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Pizza Delivery No Longer Free In Lubbock

The last time we paid under two bucks for a gallon of gas was November 2004.  According to AAA, unleaded gas in Lubbock cost us $1.81.

Gas costs are slowly creeping back up to the $3 mark, again.  Certainly gas is taking a big chunk of change out of our pockets.  It is also affecting many business people as well.  We even found out pizza delivery is no longer free in Lubbock because of gas prices.

NewsChannel 11 contacted Domino's, Papa John's, and Pinocchio's.  They tell us they are going from free delivery to charging $1.50 due to gas prices.

Double Dave's charges customers $2 and they increased those costs fifty cents after hurricane Katrina hit which put the cost of gas at an all time high.

They charge the most because they have only one store.  "We deliver from 98th to University all the way Northwest. It goes to the driver.  It is a compensation for them," says Scott Mosier, owner of Double Dave's.

We also found out that Mr. Gatti's has stopped all home deliveries. However, they say gas prices had little to do with that decision, they wanted to influence customers to eat at the restaurant.

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