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Two Communities Widening Gap Between Sex Offenders & Children

The community of Slaton is widening the gap between sex offenders and children living there. Slaton City Council approved a new ordinance recently making it more difficult for sex offenders to move into neighborhoods there. Here in Lubbock, the first sex-offender free neighborhood will open in just a few days. NewsChannel 11's Suleika Acosta tells us about the requirements for living there.

The sex offender free neighborhood is called Milwaukee Ridge and it's located at 34th and Milwaukee. A grand opening is scheduled for this Saturday and homes are already built in the neighborhood. Everyone living in homes at Milwaukee Ridge will undergo background checks, including adults buying houses and young adults planning to live in them. Residents will face penalties if they allow a sex offender to live in one of the homes. Homeowners are also required to run background checks if they decide to sell their house.

Here in Texas, registered sex offenders can not live around parks, daycares and schools. The new Slaton ordinance states sex offenders cannot live in a 1,000 foot radius around places for children. The law does not affect sex offenders who already live in those neighborhoods, but if an offender moves they are prohibited from relocating to those places.

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