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The Seal It: Does It Work?

This product is a hand held seal it vacuum called Seal It. The makers claims it is the new generation of vacuum sealing food. You get three sized power nozzles and three sandwich protectors. It costs $20 but Does It Work?

I have all sort of things to do this test; cheese to strawberries to salad in a bag.  The directions say to position whatever you are sealing to the middle of the bag.  For the large bag of strawberries I have, I used the longest nozzle.

I used my fingers to close the zipper, then stuck the nozzle in and vacuumed out the air. On a smaller bag that contains an onion, the clamp will close the zipper for you while the nozzle remains in the bag.

I quickly noticed the Seal It will not give you a tight seal like other powerful gadgets on the market.  But, I gave it a second chance and it sealed better.

I used larger storage bag with a block of cheese which again did not seal tight.

But the results were different when I tested the Seal It on salad.  I opened a ready-to-eat salad in a bag and needed to keep it fresh in another bag. It actually looked like it sucked out all the air.

Finally, I made a brisket sandwich with meat that was left over in the NewsChannel 11 breakroom.  This gave me a great opportunity to use one of the sandwich protectors that came in the package.  I placed the sandwich in the bag and cranked on the Seal It.  I think it did a pretty good job.

If you want something that will suck the air out of bags,  this product will work for you. But if you are looking for seals that vacuum tight, I wouldn't spend my money on it. Does it work? I give it a "maybe."

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