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HealthWise at 5 From 6.16

  • Meditation Heart

Meditation may be worthwhile like medication when it comes to the heart. A new study finds patients with coronary heart disease who participated in a 16 week meditation program had lower blood pressure, insulin resistance and heart rate variability when compared to patients not in the program. Researchers say this offers more evidence that meditation can alter the body's response to stress which is known to be a trigger in heart disease.

  • Monkey Fat

More evidence tonight that trans fat increases your risk of serious diseases. For six years, monkeys were placed on one of two diets both groups had the same amount of calories but one group had 8% of their calories from trans fat. The other group had 8% from mono-unsaturated fat or the "good" fat. Researchers at Wake Forest University found the monkeys on the trans fat diet had at least a 7% increase in body weight particularly around the middle, giving those monkeys an apple shape which is the more dangerous spot in collecting fat when it comes to heart disease and diabetes.

  • Alzheimer's Vaccine

Experts have successfully developed an Alzheimer's vaccine that works in mice. The vaccine reduces brain deposits, called amyloid proteins, that are thought to accumulate and lead to Alzheimer's disease. In mice the vaccine reduced amyloid deposits by as much as 50%. The new vaccine had minimal side effects which is good news because previous Alzheimer's vaccines tested in humans caused meningitis in some patients. The vaccine is being tested in monkeys now. But researchers are hopeful that people tests can begin within the new few years. The lead author of this study is employed by and is a shareholder of Novartis.

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