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Pancake Danger

Before you whip up a batch of pancakes check the expiration date on the box. If the mix is outdated it could make you very sick.

The problem is an old mix could be harboring mold you can't really see. Dr. Paul Pepe, says an allergic reaction to that mold can be critical.

"A lot of the molds that might develop in a pancake mix for example are like bread molds or wheat molds that may occur. It's more likely to happen in an environment to humidity or dampness," said Dr. Paul Pepe with Parkland Hospital.

Dr. Pepe says one red flag may be an odd smell coming from the mix. That's a good enough reason to get rid of it.  Remember that a mix that comes in a cardboard box without a seal inside is more at risk of being exposed to mold spores.

Bottom line... When in doubt, throw it out.

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