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HealthWise at 5 From 6.26

  • Breast Duct Chemotherapy

A new clinical trial looks at a therapy for breast cancer that's confined to the ducts. Researchers at the john Hopkins kimmel cancer center have just started testing breast duct chemotherapy. The treatment involves inserting a hair-thin catheter into the nipple to gain access to the ducts. Then an injection of chemotherapy travels into the duct network, attacking cancer cells. The researchers say the therapy may help patients avoid surgery, as well as limit the exposure of healthy tissue to toxic medicines.

  • SPF Soap

Experts say you should wear sun screen year round, though most of us think about it as it gets warmer. To make things easier in the near future, your skin protection might come from soap instead of a lotion! Aquea, a scientific corporation has developed sun screening agents that can be added to topical body products like shampoos and soaps. According to the company, the wash-on UVA and UVB protecting ingredients will offer day-long defense. Products are expected to hit the market later this year.

  • Little Changes, Longer Life

Not ready to cut your calories back by half in order to live longer? a new study says that even modest reductions in your daily calorie count can boost your life span. The university of Florida studied the effect a little bit of exercise and an eight-percent reduction in food might have on rats. They found the animals lived longer and had less age-related cellular damage. For people, the researchers say a short walk and cutting out just a few hundred calories a day could have the same effect.

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