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HealthWise at 5 From 6.30

  • Cherries & Inflammation

Cherries can top sundaes or fill a pie. Now some new research may make them a top choice to improve your health. The agricultural research service asked healthy middle-age and older adults to eat about 45 fresh Bing cherries a day. Blood samples were checked before and after the four week study. The tests showed reductions of up to 25% in three inflammation markers linked to arthritis and heart disease.

  • The College Dieters

The college years are a time for study. Now a new survey of college women finds weight control is on their minds most of the time. The study, in the nutrition journal, finds more than 80% of female college students are trying to control their weight, and a majority say they use activity to lose weight. But the truth is according to the journal less than one-fifth gets enough exercise to make a difference.

  • Pink Drink/Black Tongue

First your stomach felt bad, and now your tongue is black! what's going on? The Academy of General Dentistry says if you happened to take an over-the-counter medicine containing Bismuth, its a common chemical reaction. When the Bismuth mixes with a small amount of sulfur in the mouth, it causes a temporary black discoloration. The reaction is harmless, and can even happen with some antibiotics. A doctor or dentist can rule-out other problems if the condition persists.

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