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The Soda Club: Does It Work?

Here is a home soda maker it turns plain tap water into a carbonated drink. The product is called The Soda Club and for $90, you can make your kitchen a place to enjoy homemade sodas.  You know, like those old fashioned drug stores.  But before taking a trot down memory lane, Does It Work?

In your package you get two liters, and nine different soda flavors. Lemon lime, root beer, grape, pink grapefut, energy drink, cola, cola light, orange-mango and Pete's Choice. 

You also get a canister of carbonation which connects to the soda maker. To get things started, we filled a liter to the top with water.  Next, twisted the bottle to the maker and push the button.  When we did that, it fizzed.  The directions said to keep pushing the button until you hear it buzz. That's the carbonation.  It said to push it about five times, and your liter should have enough carbonation.

KCBD intern Melissa Porch gave me her nose to sniff out this product.   "Smells really strong like root beer," she told us.

We poured one capful of syrup into the liter of water and carbonation. That is the measurement for making a liter.  It says to then turn it upside down to mix.

We tasted the drink.  By our amazement, it tasted exactly like root beer.  We made three more liters and used three different flavors.  The pink grapefruit was tart, but good.  The energy drink flavor resembled Red Bull.  The Grape was a favorite.

Does the Soda Club work? I think so!

To order the Soda Club, (click here).

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