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Lubbock Police Captain Dies at Age 44

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A Lubbock Police Captain passed away early this morning as a result of a heart attack.

44-year-old Captain Victor Quintana is known in this community as a police officer, a husband, and a father of four. Tonight, we tell you a little more about his legacy.

"It takes the breath out of you... I'm not sure I've come to grips with saying how Victor was, instead of how Victor is." 

Lieutenant Roy Bassett has been a friends and a colleague with Victor Quintana for nearly 20 years. The two even graduated from the police academy the same year in 1987. 

"He's all business, after that you didn't leave without laughing."

NewsChannel 11 has video of Captain Quintana from back in 2003. At the time, he was still a lieutenant, and the spokesperson for Lubbock Police Department. Quintana moved up the ranks quickly, starting as a patrol officer, then gaining status as a corporal, sergeant, and then lieutenant. In November 2004, Victor Quintana was made a captain. 

"He didn't need bars or stripes, when you were on call with Victor you knew things were going to be okay."

Reports say it was 9:00 Sunday morning when Victor started having shortness of breath. His wife called 911, but Victor blacked out, and never woke up again. He was pronounced dead at 9:22.

The 44-year-old man died unexpectedly leaving behind his wife Gracie, and four children. Two boys ages 17 and 5, and two daughters ages 9 and 7.

Assistant Chief Tom Mann gave this statement on the police department's behalf, "Captain Victor Quintana was well respected by the police force and the community. He was a dedicated family man, and a good friend. He served his community with pride and integrity. We were all saddened by his untimely death, and we will miss him greatly. We send out deepest condolences to victor's family and friends." 

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