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Lubbock City Council Moves Forward with Drought Contingency Plans

For the first time in Lubbock history, it will be illegal to water your lawns more than twice a week.

It is because of the severe dry conditions, but not just that. On Monday, the Lubbock City Council adopted a new drought plan.  Lubbock Mayor David Miller says calls it "user friendly" also effective water conservation.

Miller says it is a lifestyle change. The city council believes it is a "be wise and prepared" plan. Miller stresses we are not in a crisis, but he believes by revising the old drought contingency plan it ensures adequate water supply but at the same time making consumers happy.

Under the old drought plan, stage one was voluntary conservation.  Stage two moved us into once a week watering. 

The new plan changes it to a four stage drought plan.  

    • Stage One is now twice a week watering
    • Stage Two is once a week
    • Stage Three is once a month 
    • Stage Four which is considered an emergency stage, prohibits us from watering at all.

Miller says depending on how our water sources look, for instance lake levels, will determine when we move into each stage.  If you do not comply,  it could cost you.  Starting January 2007, the city is also starting a block rate increase. The more water you use, the more money you pay.

"We will probably adopt the block rate.  It will have a base rate for basic use during the winter months when you're not watering your yards.  Then a normal use and an excessive use. When you go into that excessive use category you're watering too often or you're letting water run-off, you'll pay more per 1,000 gallons of water," explained Miller.

Miller says the city is planning a water schedule.  That has not been determined.  More than likely,  Miller says stage one will immediately take affect when the new ordinance is approved which is at the July 10th council meeting.

You can also call the hotline number at (806) 775-3952 to report excessive water users. The city plans to educate first about the ordinance, then hand out citations to those who refuse to comply.

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