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Sleep Therapy

Millions of Americans suffer from a lack of sleep. That's why the sale of sleeping pills is at an all time high.  But now, researchers at Duke University are re-thinking that solution. They say a growing body of evidence is lending support to a drug free option.

Behavior modification therapy, like counseling or relaxation techniques can be more successful than prescription pills in getting a good night's sleep for some people.

"The data shows that it is a very effective treatment and has long term durability for insomnia.  If it can be provided on a more wide scale basis it should meet the needs of a lot of patients," says Jack Edinger, Ph.D., a Duke University sleep researcher 

Dr. Edinger says another problem is most people don't even seek help for their sleep trouble.  Which can put their health at risk. Chronic sleepiness has been linked to everything from depression to high blood pressure.  And on the road, it is as dangerous as driving drunk.

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