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Major League Baseball A "Go" for Wolfforth

One day after a gag order is lifted, NewsChannel 11 learns more about the fate of a multi-million dollar baseball complex to be built in Wolfforth. Contractors are back on track to bring professional baseball to this area despite a major setback. 

Jody Nelson, the man waiting to be sentenced in a $77-million dollar embezzlement scheme, had 25% of his money which was later discovered to be stolen money invested in this complex. Nelson's involvement forced the group to halt construction and settle some loose financial ends. 

The land where the complex was supposed to be built on 82nd Street, near Frenship High School, has been a field of dirt for about five to six months now.  But General Manager Clay Powell says things are on the up and up and they have found investors to fill in the gap.

"We're in good shape.  We've got some things coming.  I don't want to let the cat of the bag, but we do have a plan," said Powell.

While plans to build the complex in Wolfforth move forward, the city of Lubbock is preparing to pick up the pieces, just in case something happens.  Lubbock Mayor David Miller is putting together a committee to see what it would take to bring a baseball park to Lubbock.  Miller says he wants Wolfforth to have the complex, but to have a back up plan is good business.

"How the funding is going to pan out or how the development partners on the outside of Lubbock how they'll look at this, I'm not sure either.  So are we anticipating it?  No, but how I do business you be ready for the inevitable," said Miller.

Powell says Wolfforth, though, will be the spot for the complex.  He says Wolfforth has worked hard to make it possible.  You remember last fall,  an economic development group garnered enough signatures to call for an election that would allow alcohol sales at restaurants.

Voters passed it.  The group says it was the key to bring a major league baseball-affiliated farm team to Wolfforth and build a new $100 million baseball stadium and entertainment complex.

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