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Consider This... Kids & The Internet

It's one of the most dangerous neighborhoods you could wander into with drug dealers hanging out on the corner, con artists trolling for easy marks, and sexual deviants lurking in the shadows. The really scary part is all of this exists in our own homes.

We've all seen the reports of pedophiles and thieves prowling the Internet. These cyber scum bags find easy prey in unsuspecting children.

Diligent law enforcement can sometimes arrest the predators before they do any harm, but the cops can't be everywhere all the time. These perverts seem to find their way even into the places our kids should be safe. Earlier this year, we saw a 22-year-old man accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in northwest Lubbock, that he met online.

Consider this: You wouldn't dream of letting your kids play on that dangerous street corner, and that same caution needs to be used in our homes. Supervision is key, though simply monitoring web use isn't enough. We as parents need to instill the values that will keep our children out of potentially dangerous sites.

The government is holding hearings right now to decide if Internet sites are doing enough to protect our children. The answer is no. So, talk with your kids about Internet dangers. I know I will be having these discussions with my three boys because it might just save their lives.

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