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The Amazing Electronic Jar: Does It Work?

Do you have a jar of change, but don't know how much you have? We have for you the Amazing Electronic Jar.   The makers claims it can count your loose change for you. The jar is plastic. This product is $20, but Does It Work? 

First you must have change and two double a batteries to make this work. Good thing I have both. All you do is push the coin through the slot. It reads each coin individually, and then gives you a total amount.  For instance, if I insert a nickel, it reads, ".05" then tells me what I have inside the jar so far.

NewsChannel 11 intern Melissa Porch is back again this week. Instead of her nose, she's giving a helping hand; pushing coins through the slot of this amazing money jar.  Melissa and I grabbed handfuls of coins and kept filling up the jar.

We also tried to trick the jar by inserting foreign coins.  One of the coins did not fit, but the counter still registered it as a quarter.  The same thing happened when I was able to push a peso through the slot.  It read it as a quarter.

Melissa and I finally finished inserting every coin.  The jar counted $34.68, minus $1.50 of foreign coins we tried.

A few other things we noticed,  it doesn't have a power switch, so the jar never turns off. And if you take money out of it, it doesn't "amazingly" deduct it from the counter. But there is a reset button to set it back to zero.

"What do you think Melissa?" "I think it's neat. You don't have to count your money in the jar."

The Amazing Electronic Jar works!

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