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Lubbock Leaders Planning For Future Development

This week, Lubbock city leaders sit down with others in the community to map out the future.  Starting Thursday, and lasting through Friday, Mayor David Miller will host a strategic planning conference.  Miller will be joined by the city council, members of city staff, and a group of seven community members to look at Lubbock's desired growth.

Miller tells us they've not had a new strategic plan since 1995, but the idea is nothing new. Miller says Lubbock's leaders have been mapping out the future since the 1940's. "The plans that we are making these next few weeks will very likely be talked about in the year 2050," said Miller. 

This week's strategic planning conference is stage one of a three phase plan.  "The vision that we come up with, hopefully, is never ending.  It will be good for all time," said Miller. Miller says that vision starts Thursday morning.  The Mayor chose seven citizen members to take part in the conference.  We caught up with two of them to find out what they want addressed.

"My emphasis, of course, is real estate.  So, I'm concerned about the infrastructure and the future, that we can take care of streets and water," said Linda Gaither from Westmark Realtors.  "Obviously water is a big issue.  I'd also like to see a focus on supporting our base industries here, which are agriculture, education, and medical," said Paul Stell from Stellar Development & Management.  "I'm really interested in what's going to happen for small business leaders, and for future business that's going to come to Lubbock," said Gaither.  "I'd like to see, because I'm a father and I have children, I'd like to have a focus on how we increase business development so that more of our children can stay in Lubbock," said Stell.

Phase two of the development plan calls for including other entities tied to community growth like the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and Texas Tech University.  Finally, phase three, which Miller says will be accomplished either late this year, or early next year, calls for including other communities in our region.  "I'll take the blame if it doesn't work well, and I'll pass the credit around if it does work well," said Miller. 

Once the meetings finish up on Friday, Miller says those involved will go out and put more meat to their ideas.  Sixty days later, the group is scheduled to meet again to implement their plans.  The gathering is being held at Medlock Ranch in Post, and the price tag for the entire 60-days is around $15,000.  As for why Post, Miller didn't comment on why that specific location; he says  it's just important for participants to get out of their every day routine so they can focus completely on the mission at hand.

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