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Crosbyton Water Crisis: One Year Supply Remaining

365-days. That's how long the Mayor of Crosbyton, and water expert, says they may have left until its main water supply is expected to run out.  Crosbyton is about 40-miles East of Lubbock and that's where we sent NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel to get some answers.

Crosbyton has 1,777 citizens. Their main water supply is the White River Lake, which is shared between Crosbyton, Ralls, Post and Spur. A total of just over 9,000 users. With experts saying that at the current level the supply will be gone in a year, we ask Crosbyton what they'll do if the water runs out. They say although there's a plan in place, they're pulling out their secret weapon, faith. 

Mayor Joe Hargrove says, "If we get rain this fall we'll be in good shape."  City councilman Charles Frater says, "It's gonna rain, and fill up the lake, you gotta have faith."

Everybody needs a little faith. But the town of Crosbyton needs a miracle from above to replenish its extremely low water supply.  The Mayor says, "We have another year supply in the lake. One more year." Mayor Hargrove didn't sound too concerned, because he says it's an issue that Crosbyton has under control. "We will have water. Maybe not as much as we want, but we will have water and have done a little planning and feel fairly secure."

City Councilman Charles Frater is just as confident.  "We're not gonna run out, people are just getting antsy. Plus, we got the water well field if we get low that we can use to blend."

Right now, the main water supply White River Lake is down 17 feet. Crosbyton has a water well field and a drought contingency plan, if their water source does not fill up. But the city leaders say they're not worried.  "It's gonna rain, it always has."  They believe a little rainfall will fill the lake with a precious gift from above.  A gift they say everyone should be mindful of.  "Water is the most precious commodity we have in West Texas and we should conserve it. We can live without oil, we can't survive without water."

Basically, for Crosbyton's water supply to run out in a year, we would have to go completely without rain. Here in Lubbock, city leaders have secured a water supply for the next 100 years. But they're revising the drought plan which would call for limited watering of lawns if necessary.  But with only a year left, Crosbyton is asking people to start watching their water use before they do have to go to their back-up supply.

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