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The Essure System

It's called the Essure system.  But millions of women still don't know it's available.  The FDA agrees when it comes to permanent birth control, this is an easier option than surgery to get your tubes tied.

Essure is an office procedure with no incision.  "And then I would take a camera about the size of a pencil and put it in the uterus. I would then find both fallopian tube openings, we call them the ostia and place a nickel coated spring in the ostia, the spring's about the size of a pencil lead, and then we trigger the spring to uncoil," says Dr. Jeffrey Joseph.

The nickel springs remain lodged in each fallopian tube and over the next three months cause a reaction and scar tissue that close the tubes permanently.  Since the patient only needs a local anesthesia, the risk is minimal, the cost is lower and recovery is faster.

"It was just so quick and I was up and about right after the procedure, I actually, when I was in the waiting recovery room and I was ready to get up and go and they're like no, you gotta wait a few," says Jodi Constantino, patient.

So, if you're a woman who has been considering permanent birth control but were fearful about the surgery you might want to ask your doctor about the Essure system.

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