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Sun Protection Limitations

A lot of people spend a lot of money on sunscreen protection. No question it's something we all need to use on a daily basis, but on HealthWise at 5 on Thursday, Dr. Kimberly Mullinax, a dermatologist with TTUHSC, said there's a limit to what that sun factor number can do for you.

"There is a big difference in SPF, sun protection factor 4, 8 and 15. But once you get to 30, anything above 30 is not a large difference, so an SPF 30 is excellent and anything that's above that is just a lot of marketing but there's a large difference in price. The other thing in price is you're paying for the name of the product you're also paying for what it feels like, the vehicle or the elegance, does it feel oily does it feel dry? and in terms of what's best, its whatever you'll use," said Dr. Mullinax.

By the way, Dr. Mullinax says she buys the No-Ad 30 for herself. No-Ad means not advertised, so it's cheap. You can get a big bottle of sun protection for about $5.

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