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Lubbock Woman Warns People About LASIK Surgery

Pamela Ware, just like any person seeking to get rid of glasses and contacts, wanted to get LASIK Surgery. She had friends who's procedures were successful. Pamela made an appointment with Dr. James Boop in November of 2001.  Two weeks later, she was getting LASIK Surgery.  

Pamela Ware says immediately after surgery her vision turned blurry in both eyes.  Ware had a follow-up surgery, but it did not correct the problem.  She even had a corneal transplant that still could not fix her problem.

"It's really been a nightmare. There have been so many things I missed out on.  I  have a daughter who graduated from college.  I couldn't see her when she graduated," said Ware.

She claims the condition of her cornea was not ideal at the time of her surgery. She should have never had the surgery.  She claimed in her lawsuit, Dr. Boop failed to tell her that. 

But in a statement from Dr. Boop's Dallas attorney, he says:

"...her visual complications were unfortunate, but the physicians who testified at trial agreed that her complications are known risks of LASIK surgery that, while rare, can happen even with the best of care."

"Dr. Boop would not have offered LASIK surgery to Pam ware if he had not believed that it was safe for her."

- Kevin Oliver, Cooper & Scully, P.C.

A jury awarded her $944,420.  Boop's attorney is considering filing an appeal of the verdict.

Pamela says she still can't see that well. Everything is still blurry, but while she's seeing a Houston specialist about another corneal transplant, she wants other patients to learn from her experience.  "Do your research, get more than one opinion, these are your only two eyes you have be very careful with them," advised Ware.

Dr. Boop says he will continue to offer LASIK surgery to patients in Lubbock.

According to guidelines recently released by the Eye Surgery Education Council, fewer than 1% of patients who have received LASIK to date have experienced serious, vision-threatening problems.

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