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Son's Illness Sparks Mother's Immigration Battle

A mother from Mexico was by her son's side Friday night at University Medical Center, but it's taken almost a year of negotiations to get her there.  The mother brought her son, Luis, across the border for medical treatment about a year ago. They ended up at U.M.C., and the medical staff there began treatment. Later, immigration officials learned of the case, and deported Luis' mother back to Mexico. Right now, we do not know how the immigration department discovered that Luis' mother was in the country illegally, but U.M.C. tells us it is not their policy to contact immigration.

The mother, needing to be with her son, illegally crossed the boarder a second time, but immigration officals found out and had her deported again. About a month ago, Luis' mother received legal permission to be with her son. U.S. Senator Kay Bailey-Hutchison and Lubbock Doctor David Smith were instrumental in this process.  "We know very well in healthcare that when parents and loved ones were with someone they do better, they feel better and we get better results. We don't know how to measure that or put a prescription label on it. But clearly with a mother and a child together you are going to have a better opportunity to help that child as a doctor," said Smith. 

Child protective services has taken partial custody of Luis, and we're told they cannot release his diagnosis. We have learned that it is serious and he'll be taken to hospice care in El Paso, where he has American relatives. We are going to continue to follow this story and as we learn more information we'll bring it to you.

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