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Father Asks For Fallen Son's Medals Back

The father of a fallen soldier is asking for his son's medals back.  

You'll recall Freddy Velez was killed in Iraq in 2004.  Roy Velez, Freddy's father, tells us someone broke into their home on Monday, and not only did the thief take Freddy's medals, they also stole commemorative combat coins Velez received from his other son Andrew and step-son Jose.  Velez says the robber can keep everything else, just give back those pieces of family history.

"We feel a vacancy.  It's just empty," said Velez.  Velez says the loss of his sons' awards is devastating.  His son Freddy was killed in November 2004 in Fallujah.  Now the medals honoring his service are in the hands of a thief. 

"Two purple hearts, the bronze star, and, of course, the silver star.  This is something that Freddy did for his country.  This is a country of great honor, a country of great love, and I still believe in America," said Velez. 

Velez says Freddy's medals, and the commemorative coins from his sons Andrew and Jose don't have much monetary value, but to the Velez family, they are priceless. 

"My request, just whoever took those medals, bring them back, set them on the porch, stick them in the mailbox. Whatever you do, bring them back.  They are of no value to you.  They belong to my son.  He earned them by putting his line on the line.  So, I just ask, bring them back, return them home," said Velez. 

Velez says the thief also took jewelry and other valuables from their home, but again, he tells the thief to keep everything else, just give back his sons' medals.

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